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    Eco Friendly Horse Shampoo, Rug, Yard & Stable Wash, Dog Shampoo and Dog Bed & Kennel Cleaner.

    CleanRound uses the latest scientific technology to remove bacteria and protect the environment to the highest level, at an affordable price. We offer a range of medicated equine shampoo’s for your horse, pony as well as pet shampoos plus washing solutions for rugs, blankets, tack, accessories, yard, lorry, horseboxes, etc. with unrivalled results. Scientifically Approved Disinfectant, revolutionary equine/pet cleaning products keep pets and horses safe from a range of fungal infections, bacteria and viruses – including equine strangles, sweet itch, mud fever, ringworm, kennel cough and parvovirus.

    Now you can take control of your horses’ welfare! – kills 99.9999% of bacteria, viruses & fungi.

    Regularly washing your horse with CleanRound horse shampoo, cleaning your horses’ environment with rug wash and yard wash can help to prevent infections and save you money on vet’s bills.

    Prevention is cheaper than cure! “Use CleanRound for Mane to Tail Bio Security”

    CleanRound Dispenser Pump

    CleanRound offers an excellent quality Pump dispenser suitable for their 5ltr or 20ltr bottle. Push the Pump downwards to dispense the required amount of liquid.

    CleanRound Medicated Dog Shampoo, Bed and Kennel Cleaners

    CleanRound medicated dog shampoo has a natural lemon fragrance, the shampoo has a low lather Quick release formulation to make sure the dogs fur and coat is cleaned properly but doesn’t lather too much – this makes it easy to remove all soap and bubbles from the fur/coat when wet and quicker to dry. It improves the coat condition and shine. CleanRound – NEW slow release Encapsulation formulation for extended protection. Scientifically tested, next generation technology, it kills 99.9999% bacteria and is not harmful to anyone or anything.

    FREE CleanRound Dispenser Pump Offer

    This months fantastic offer is the opportunity to dispense the exact amount of CleanRound Yard & Stable Wash with our dispenser (worth £9.99) absolutely FREE OF CHARGE when you purchase a one or more 5 litre bottle of our Horse Yard & Stable Wash. CleanRound Yard and Stable Wash has been designed for use as a general cleaner around the yard or for more specific uses where infection control is an important issues such as quarantine areas and foaling boxes etc.

    • Kills 99.9999% of Bacteria, Viruses and Fungi
    • Environmentally Friendly
    • Competition Approved Product
    • Kills Strangles and Ringworm
    • Ideal for Use in a Power Washer for Your Horse Box/Lorry and Yard
    • Environmentally Friendly and Safe to Use on all Materials and Surfaces
    • Powered by DuoMaxE10

    CleanRound Yard Wash next generation technology kills 99.9999% of bacteria, viruses and fungi while being safe to use (pH 11) for all animals, humans and the environment. CleanRound Yard Wash, has been designed and formulated for use on any hard surface, (metal, wood, plastic, rubber, concrete etc). It is ideal for more specific areas where infection control is important, such as post op and foaling boxes. The patented formulation in CleanRound has been proven to kill the bacterium responsible for Strangles, the fungi Ringworm and a broad spectrum of other bacteria viruses and fungi. CleanRound Yard Wash is used regularly by HorseWorld, a Bristol based equine charity.

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