Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal horse and pet biosecurity

Scientifically tested and approved biological equine, Canine and family pet cleaning products. Efficacious against Streptococcus Equi bacteria, most Fungi and other infections as listed on the “science” information. Horse and Dog owners are paranoid and famous for wanting to keep their pets in the best of health and use CleanRound to make this happen and kill unwanted nasty bacteria.

CleanRound uses the latest scientific technology to remove bacteria and protect the environment to the highest level at an affordable price. There are three fragrenced medicated shampoo, cedarwood, peach and strawberry for your horse, pony, pets plus washing solutions for soft fabrics, cloths, rugs, blankets, tack, accessories and for the yard, fences, power washer, horsebox, fogger machine etc., with unbeatable results.

CleanRound – equine and canine products are safe to use and environmentally friendly, all being non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-irritant:

  • Effectively kill 99.9999% of bacteria
  • Effective against Viral infection.
  • Effective against most Fungal infections
  • Streptococcus Equi
  • Parvovirus
  • Cleaning regularly prevents most infection spreading:

Medicated, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal pet and Horse Shampoo/Body Wash in a choice of fragrances, complemented by rug wash for effective cleaning of fabrics and soft furnishings (horse blankets, pet bedding – machine safe or hand washing) and Yard Wash for thorough cleansing of solid surfaces (stables, trailers, wellies, etc.).

Take control of your horse and pets’ welfare. be proactive not reactive to the risk of infections!

Regularly washing your horse with CleanRound shampoo and cleaning the horses’ environment with Rug Wash and Yard Wash can prevent your horse from illness and save you money on vet’s bills. As the old saying goes “Prevention is cheaper than cure” Save your horse from suffering, enjoy the pleasure of competition and keep the money in your pocket! Win! Win! Win!

The active ingredient, DuoMax in CleanRound products is biologically effacacious against bacteria which kills infections. The biological efficacy of the product removes bad bacteria and protects the environment to the highest level – Professional equestrians and trainers across all disciplines endorse and use the products

The British Horse racing Authority expressed an opinion that the CleanRound range did not, at working concentrations, contain substances that would be considered prohibited under the British Horse racing Authority Rules of Racing.

Now, for the first time, a “nose to tail” range of products are available to the market that wont need you to change what you do now only the products you are using for cleaning pets, ponies, horses and their environment, become Bio Secure, free from infection by “best practice” introduced to your animals world.


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