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Fungi Protection and Treatment: CleanRound Kills 99.9999%

cleanround_approved_buttonCleanRound Kills most Fungalproblems. Its biologically efficacious against Bacteria, Streptococcus Equi,

CleanRound anti bacterial and anti-fungal, medicated shampoo was developed for horses then successfully tested on smaller animals. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone could prove everything they say? Well, we can. Here at CleanRound, not only do we believe DuoMax works; we know it works. All of our claims are backed up by test reports and case studies carried out by the world’s leading independent microbiologists & doctors. All these are readily available for your peace of mind. CleanRound uses the DuoMax active ingredient.

  • Bio security products for your horse
  • Bio security around the yard and stable
  • Bio security for your Lorry or Horsebox
  • Bio security for Rugs, Saddle cloths all materials and your cloths

Bio Security = Peace of mind!

We have the science

duomax_logo_homepageAll Clean Round products contain DuoMax E10, which contains ground-breaking technology in the killing of bacteria, fungi and spores. DuoMax E10 pierces the outer membrane of the bacteria/pathogen and destroys the DNA and RNA which eliminates the risk of bacteria/pathogen developing resistance to the product. Alcohol denatures only external membrane proteins which does not kill the bacteria/pathogen, only temporarily disables them, allowing them to regenerate with increased strength. By removing the protein, DuoMax E10 not only kills the bacteria/pathogen, but any odour will also be removed. All this whilst being non-toxic, non-irritant and non-corrosive. CleanRound uses ground breaking technology to fully eradicate bacteria.


We’ve tried to make the science simple and easy to understand.

You may have seen ‘Removes 99% of Bacteria’… Sounds impressive, right? Wrong! That would be a Two Log reduction which is actually a failure! Those cheeky marketing gurus… Let us show you how it works:

Log reduction % of germs Fold reduction
1 log 90 10
2 log 99 100
3 log 99.9 1,000
4 log 99.99 10,000
5 log 99.999 100,000
6 log 99.9999 1,000,000

One Million Fold Reduction

We didn’t make this statement up. In fact, we didn’t even test it! To guarantee we get accurate results we rely solely on independent labs to test our product in the most extreme situations they can, whilst adhering to strict EU guidelines. We wouldn’t want to cheat our way through when we know the product works to the highest degree.

“Told you we’ve kept the science simple”

Also tested against the following as detailed in the table below:


Extracts from the Test Report
EN 1276 Streptococcus Equi


Click image to enlarge


Click to enlarge


Test Report EN 1657 Microsporum Canis
and Trichophyton Mentagrophytes


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